Here’s How Syar’i Handles Covid’s Body

The body of Covid which is handled with health protocols and Shari’a guidance, God willing, is sterile so that residents don’t have to worry too much to reject the body.

Here's How Syar'i Handles Covid's Body

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[Ilustrasi]—The review of the Covid-19 body sometimes raises doubts in the community. Given the existence of very strict health protocols, is the handling guaranteed according to the guidelines of sharia? His family’s access is limited to ensure this.

Observing this, the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) in Batu City (East Java) proposed a guide to reviewing the body of a Muslim who is positive for Covid. This was conveyed in a limited discussion with the ranks of the Health Office, leaders of mass organizations, and various related parties (Thursday, 10/09/2020).

“The monitoring of the covid corpse must be carried out in a syar’i manner from the process of washing, shrouding, praying to burial by exposing the body to the Qibla,” said Doctor Nurkholish Qomari, Secretary of the Fatwa and Law Commission of Batu City MUI.

In addition, the monitoring officer must be the same sex as the corpse, understand basic religious knowledge, especially the matter of the corpse, and have witnesses (family) who see the process of covering the corpse.


In the preparation stage, officers must provide an explanation to the family about the body of Covid and its treatment, to avoid misunderstandings. If a family wants to see, they should be allowed to wear personal protective equipment (PPE) according to standard health protocols.

Staff must wear level 3 PPE: waterproof hazmat, gloves, face shield, mask and shoes. The best places are cement floors, good air circulation, and a bright atmosphere.

Equipment must be complete, starting with the cot and the headboard of the body, there is a waste disposal area, towels and spray equipment. There is also running water, 0.5% chlorine solution, disinfectant and soap.


– Spray the place and clothes first with disinfectant

– Put the body on the couch

– Flush the bodies with 0.5% chlorine liquid and leave for about 10 minutes. The aim is to kill the virus, because the condition of the body is still infectious (containing viruses) and can cause viral transmission

– Bathe with soap and running water

– Rinse under running water and wudhukan

– Dry the body with a towel

– Plug the holes with cotton

– Wrap it in plastic before using it and spray it with a disinfectant

– Sunnah before being dipped in a lump of earth on the right cheek

– Dikafani then spray the shroud with disinfectant

– Wrap in plastic and spray with disinfectant

– Put it in the body bag and spray again with disinfectant

– Put it in the coffin and position it facing the Qibla. The coffin can be specially designed so that the position of the body is stable or does not roll over until the funeral

– Close the coffin

– Spray the casket with disinfectant

– Wrap the crate with plastic and spray with disinfectant again

– The location of the burial does not need to be isolated (a special place), but it can be in a public cemetery

“The body of Covid which is handled with health protocols and the guidance of the Shari’a, insha ‘Allah is sterile so that residents do not have to worry too much to reject the body. So far, the transmission of covid through droplets, for example by sneezing, coughing, or talking. Well, the body can’t sneeze, ”said the Malang Raya Nahdlatul Ulama (NU) Covid-19 Task Force team.

The MUI of Batu City appealed to the hospital and the authorities to hold training on the syar’i review of the body. The process is as above, which refers to both the law and the MUI fatwa.

“Thus, the review of the corpse can be in accordance with medical protocols and remain within the syar’i corridor. The hope is that there will be no more doubts in the community, “he said. *


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